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Rachel Davies

I gained a great deal of discipline and determination at CCDS. I learnt how to remain humble alongside celebrating success, keeping ‘my feet firmly on the ground,’ amongst the glitz and glam that is ‘show biz.’
I firmly believe these are vital attributes that are advantageous not only in this profession but in life in general. I am still a professional working dancer, choreographer who performs on large stages around the world for different artists. My work is varied, from dancing in an ’80s Tour’ for the BBC, working with brands, and producing shows for cruise lines.
Every week with a different challenge and different ‘hat to wear,’ my work varies hugely, but my professionalism has always been consistent which I know is thanks to the teachers and training at CCDS. I have only gained work in such a variety of jobs because of the solid technical training I received at CCDS. My entire childhood was spent at this dance school and I made the best memories that I treasure forever. I even chose to attend Gloucester Dance Festival rather than go on a school trip to New York! I think that shows how important CCDS was to me- loyalty and commitment are also other fantastic life skills!