Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz & Singing
ISTD accredited dance tuition in the heart of Cheltenham
Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz & Singing
ISTD accredited dance tuition in the heart of Cheltenham
Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz & Singing
ISTD accredited dance tuition in the heart of Cheltenham
Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz & Singing
ISTD accredited dance tuition in the heart of Cheltenham
Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz & Singing
ISTD accredited dance tuition in the heart of Cheltenham
Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz & Singing
ISTD accredited dance tuition in the heart of Cheltenham
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The Corraine Collins Dance Studios provides a high standard of training in ballet, tap, modern, jazz, drama and singing.

Dance is taught with a sense of both fun and enjoyment, whilst every pupil is encouraged to realise their full potential.

The Dance School is based in its own complex in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. There are three dance studios with mirrors and barres together with changing rooms, shop, music room and office suite.

The School has its own dancewear shop that stocks all uniform requirements as well as a wide range of non-uniform dancewear and equipment.

Fees can be paid in a variety of ways once the free trial class is completed. Parents can make online payments or pay by direct debit or the GoCardless system. Payments by cash or cheque are also accepted for termly fees. We do not accept card payment for fees.



Emily Goodenough

I have everything to thank Corraine Collins Dance Studios for. My thorough training from a young age has provided me with the technique and performance skills to be embarking on my 11th year in the performing industry.

I have performed in various shows throughout the country and in the West End and I truly feel I wouldn’t be where I am today without the solid foundation and training I got at CCDS.

Thank you will never be enough!

Emily Goodenough (further training Bird College)
Dancer/Actor, West End.

Laura Day

CCDS – the place that discovered my love of dance, nurtured and challenged my technique, gave me discipline  and manners, and most importantly taught me the dedication it takes to strive for my dreams.

I’m so truly grateful for my 10 years there, such incredibly fond memories(even when I was being told off for not rehearsing my duets well enough!).

The life lessons I learnt, not only as a dancer but as a person have been truly imprinted in me and will be there my entire career.

It is certainly an exciting, fun place to become a budding dancer, but it is so much more than a Dance School!

Forever grateful,

Laura Day (further training White Lodge and The Royal Ballet Upper School)
Ballet Mistress, Australian Ballet, Melbourne

Jasmine White

Not just a Dance School, but a place to escape and become part of a family! Constantly learning about life skills, friendships, community and professionalism.

If I hadn’t become part of this ‘Musical Experience’ since a young girl, I wouldn’t be half the woman I am today!

Thank You, Love Jasmine x

Jasmine White (further training Bird College)
International Dancer and Actor

Gemma Beasley

CCDS is an incredible Dance Studio that I had the privilege to attend.

Little did I know that at the age of 4 and attending my very first ballet lessons that I was so incredibly lucky, and that CCDS would become a huge part of my life!

I thank the exceptional teachers, the quality of training and their encouragement that sparked a love of dance that inspired me into a professional dance career.

But most of all I remember the fun, the social times we had at festivals and shows and many other wonderful opportunities with lifelong friendships I still cherish today.

Gemma Beasley (further training Bird College)
Professional Dancer

Gabby Parker

I had the most wonderful time training at CCDS, always being pushed to be the best performer I could be. The motivation and passion from the Teachers always shone through. I firmly believe I would not have achieved what I have without them.

Gabby Parker (further training London Studio Centre)
Professional Dancer


Without the incredible training and support at CCDS I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today. I have to thank Miss Collins and her talented Teachers for sculpting the pathway to my dream.

Still to this day I practise their instilled technique, professionalism and manners.

As well as providing amazing performance opportunities and career guidance, I also made friends for life.

Grace Williams (further training Bird College)

Phoebe Lewis

I was so welcomed to the School by both the Teachers and pupils and immediately felt part of the Corraine Collins Family!

They helped me improve my technique and dancing in so many ways. It was an amazing social experience, I learnt many life skills too.

We had incredible training, guidance and support when it came to auditioning for Dance Colleges. I can’t thank Miss Collins and everyone enough for everything they did! xx

Phoebe Lewis (further training Bird College)
Professional Dancer/Actor

Emily Adams

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching at Corraine Collins Dance Studios Summer School for 3 summers, it’s one of the highlights of my year. Every time I go back I am delighted at how hard the students work. They’re always hungry and eager to learn but also not afraid of showing me their individual personalities. You can see the facultys guidance and inspiration throughout the year is not only making them into pheonomanal dancers but whole rounded exceptional young people.

I am always excited to see where the students are in a years time and to hear about the amazing things the students, staff and school have achieved. Corraine Collins Dance Studios will always hold a special place for me.

Emily Adams (further training The Center for Performing Arts)

Beckie Smith

I cried the first time going into Ballet Class at CCDS when I was 2, and smiled coming out!

Had the very best 16 years being challenged to achieve constantly.

So grateful xx

Beckie Smith (further training Performer's College)
Graduate of 'Performer's College' and working as a dancer in The Industry