On Friday October 12th 2012 I met Miss Collins for the first time. Miss Andrea, who I’d just been working with, had suggested we met to chat about the possibility of singing lessons at CCDS. Of course we got on and after much hilarity and tea we decided I would start teaching private singing lessons from the November.

Over time we have added Senior, Intermediate and Junior choirs to the list of vocal opportunities the students can take part in, and I also organise the backing tracks, and often arrange the music, for students Song & Dance festival numbers.

Whether for fun or as a professional, it takes many skills to make a performer and choral singing can, in my opinion, help build self esteem when working together as a group, respectfully supporting each other, especially when all around you people are singing different melody’s and the harmonies get tricky! For anyone who would like a career in musical theatre singing has become more and more important in the dancers life, as it is this very talent that can set them apart from their contemporaries in an audition situation and often be what sends them to the next round.

At CCDS the choirs perform in the Spring Showcase every year and we now have an annual vocal concert where students perform solos and duets, and where all three choirs get their chance to perform songs worked on specifically for this concert. We also sing Christmas carols for charity each year in Cheltenham, often in the snow, but with festive enthusiasm always winning through as it’s for a good cause.

From what I can see, from every discipline in the building students are taught such wonderful ethics at CCDS. They are hard working, conscientious, polite and enthusiastic in their approach to the work, as this comes from every teacher they work with.

Maurice Clarke